Artemisia Balance Shower Filter: Safe & Healthy Water for Your Family

It’s estimated that one million Californians are currently using harmful tap water each year.

The California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill to improve access to safe drinking water and local water systems. That’s all great news for Cali, but we want to share something that you can do right now to elevate the quality of your shower water at your home, wherever you may be residing. In many parts of the US, the level of chlorine in tap water is as high as public swimming pools. (Yes, we are shocked too.)

Chorine contaminated water is harmful in numerous ways: it increases respiratory problems, premature skin aging, especially unhealthy for children, and the long list goes on. 

So, we have a solution for you.



Artemisia Balance Shower Filter removes chlorine, healthy for the skin/hair, and efficient and so easy to install. Plus, it has “zero added artificial coloring or fragrance” which could cause trouble for various skin types.

Obviously, showering in clean and safe water is “vital” for a healthy, radiant skin/hair condition. What you put on your skin is secondary - cleansing in safe and hygienic water should become the priority!

This cost-effective shower filter is not only simple to install and use, but it efficiently removes impurities from the tap water with the Vitamin C, Artemisia Extract, Avocado oil and Glycerin as its content, to offer a super healthy skin for you and the whole family.

Try installing one of these:



You’ll love it!