No Excuse to Say No to Sunscreen

It’s ironic how we all know the importance of sunscreen and how damaging the sun can be to our face and skin, yet still refuse to put it on.

It’s good to soak up and expose the body to the sun, for reasons such as to raise vitamin D and serotonin levels, keep our bones healthy and protect against other disease and illness. The sun is said to help raise the QOL of one, as it helps fight off depression, and gives hope and light to life.

Sunscreens come in so many different forms, material and texture, price points, are no longer oily, doesn’t leave a white cast and so much more. There shouldn’t be a reason to say NO to sunscreen. If one likes it in a moisturizer form, essence, mist, or foundation, they have all the different kinds in the shelves of most pharmacies, beauty and cosmetic shops.

It’s the 21st century. Putting on sunscreen has to become a habit and a part of our daily morning skincare routine, and we should protect our skin from cancer and slow the process of skin aging when we can!

Find out the different types of sunscreens, and the main difference between the two in the next upcoming blog - coming soon!