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Glossy Glass Skin Recipe

Glossy Glass Skin Recipe

Are you all familiar with “Glass Skin?” Let us go over the definition, just to be on the same page.

“Glass skin refers to an idealistic skin goal (set by K-Beauty industry and community) that stands for poreless, luminous, translucent skin… like shiny glass.”

We’ve personally selected a few of our fav VELY VELY items that have amazing factors to achieve healthy, firm, lovable glass skin. This summer, you really need to keep up the level of moisture and maintain extra hygiene to create the skin that you can truly be proud of.


Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil only takes a minute to do the job, IMMACULATELY!! As soon as you rinse, your skin will sparkle and shine like it never did... For best results, use this to cleanse off makeup to get the glossy, clean skin that you want. This cleansing oil is not at all greasy and just sooooo mild, you’ll love it. Don’t hesitate even if you super sensitive skin… it’s great for all skin types.


3-Project Peeling Gel

You can’t fake it with such a solid peeling gel!! Use once or twice per week - and you’re halfway there to a clean, glossy glass skin. The 3-Project Peeling Gel is of such a mild formula but removes makeup and other impurities without stripping the necessary skin barrier and minerals, thanks to the combination of natural oils. Gift your skin that extra glossy, bright shine. It’s the perfect exfoliator for late nights.


Sweet Rice Cake Deep Cleanser

The Peel-off Deep Cleanser is really a ‘poretastic’ product, but you need to experience it yourself to be converted. Eager to remove oil, dirt, and makeup from your face after a long day? This cleanser is the one for you! Get yourself a glowing, sweet complexion – who is stopping you? This Sweet Rice Cake bubble foam cleanser completely removes waste, leaving your skin with a clean, glowing shine. Who wouldn't want that? 


Peach Skin Suncream

This could be easily the best sunblock creams out there and it feels lovely to apply! Keep your skin younger and fully protected from the sun with this light, feel-great suncream. This will also brighten your skin tone with its peachy color, and unlike other sunscreen products, Peach Skin Suncream’s extremely ideal for a makeup base or as a dewy finish. This is it!


Whipping Bubble Pad

We’re all aware that the inner skin needs to be thoroughly clean and fresh for the surface to follow suit. Give your skin a deserving break with Vely Vely's whipping bubble pad, you’ll really thank me for it. This contains a soft, rich foam and keeps your skin pH balanced, highly moist, and healthy – not to mention looking more brilliant and glossier than you normally would. How luscious!


Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule

We love all our ampoules from VELY VELY, but this one’s extra special. Keep your skin clear of impurities, your skin moist, hydrated and glowing while maintaining oil and moisture levels balanced. Any skin toner, emulsions or essence that you use can assist you to go beyond for full effects when you use an ampoule as well! There’s no way of expressing how precious a fab ampoule can be to the skin. Make this your must-have!