The Reason Why Vely Vely Yuja C-Tamin Line is Special

Have you heard of the fruit called Yuja?

Yuja is said to have originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean region, and cultivated around 4000 BC. In Asia, it is known to have been cultivated in the Upper Yangtze River in China, then passed down to Korea and Japan. Today, it is only found in Korea, China and Japan. Amongst all, the Korean Yuja is known to have the richest fruity scent.

Many Yuja skincare products are made with the Yuja peel and pulp extract. However, the Yuja C-Tamin products of Vely Vely were made by extracting Yuja seeds to include the oil from the seeds. The Yuja seed oil contains Limonene and Polypheonol, which helps boost and revitalize the skin.

It is said that 1,800 tons of Yuja seed industrial wastes were produced. This has been a contribution to pollution, and overall resulting in environmental impact. And this is another main reason why Vely Vely has decided to extract the Yuja seeds.

The Vely Vely Yuja C-Tamin Line includes Yuja seed oil, extract, essential oil from the peel and 10 other types of vitamins.The Yuja C-Tamin toner, serum and cream are all great moisturizing products that is lightweight and absorbs quickly, while boosting the radiance, brightening, balancing uneven skin tone and nourishing the skin.

Include the Vely Vely Yuja C-Tamin line in your regimen for a brighter and healthier skin!