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Seriously Great Moisturizers for You

Seriously Great Moisturizers for You

We all know that "dry skin" is serious business and, in some cases, it can result in infection or inflammation. The dehydration and feeling of dryness of the skin – at any time of the year – is unbearable and we want to avoid it at all costs, right? Maintaining a supple complexion is such a challenge.

We’d love to introduce you to 7 of the seriously amazing moisturizing products (that I’ve used…) from VELY VELY that you can truly depend on for full moisture and hydration all year round.


  1. Madecassoside Repair Ampoule

This ampoule is a shockingly effective moisturizing item that helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and keep hydration from leaking out of your pores. It’s very suitable for all skin types – this lovable ampoule is a silky moisturizer on skin contact, without leaving a feeling of greasiness. This is one of VELY VELY’s best-sellers and frequently sold-out. We’d so recommend you to try it for yourself.


  1. Artemisia Balance Essence

We know that hot summer’s really knocking on our door when we to use a mist spray multiple times – at any time of the day. This must-have mist is super special and contains 100 % Artemisia extract, which is unbelievable. It’s needless to say how good Artemisia is to your skin: it’s a fab product for protecting the skin, brightening, anti-aging and adds many and great factors to the skin. You’ll love this one.


  1. Artemisia Ultra Moisture Body Lotion

Looking for an effective moisturizer for the body? This Artemisia Ultra Moisture Body Lotion is totally recommendable. It’s especially excellent for dry, sensitive, dehydrated skin types and works wonders for anyone with any type of skin. This body lotion absorbs the skin quickly and really hits the inner skin barrier to make it super moist, soft and most of all, healthy. Your body deserves this.


  1. O2 Moisture Emulsion

Emulsions are so necessary when it comes to moisturizing. Emulsions absorb into the skin quickly and don’t stay on the skin’s surface as many creams do. The O2 line promotes pure oxygen water into your skin for soft, moisturized skin. A lightweight, gel formula delivers and works instantly to hydrate and smoothen your skin, diminishing wrinkles while leaving behind a natural radiance. Doesn’t this sound like what your skin needs?


  1. Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule

This excellent quality ampoule solution reinforces your skin with a protective shield while balancing oil and moisture levels. Oxygen water and rose extract diminish signs of sensitivity, revitalize your skin and prevent skin irritation. You wouldn’t know until you’ve tried it - Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule is a winner! This is one of the top-sellers and no wonder!


  1. O2 Water Glow Mist

This is another popular and best-selling Vely Vely item. This lush, refreshing mist gives off a natural radiance and lovely scent. The pure and mild mist does its job ever so well for a purifying result and presenting the skin with full hydration. Spray this with or without makeup, any time of the day. You won’t want to stop!


  1. Madecassoside Repair Toner

As the first step to a skincare routine, this toner’s superb in both the quality and performance. 75% chamomile water pampers sensitized or acne-prone skin and gently removes any impurities, excess oil, and makeup. The product was formulated to support oil-moisture balance and add a protective skin barrier. This fabulous skin toner will result in a crystal-clear complexion for the user. Madecassoside Repair Toner offers much goodness to the skin, won’t you try it?