Aura Honey Glow Cushion [Refill]

$9.50 $19.00

  • [Moisturizing] Formulated with 31% of Pure Belgian hot spring water gives clean and glowing skin with a straight-from-the-spa feel
  • [Honey Glow] Honey glow propolis complex nourishes the skin and provides a natural glow
  • [Long Lasting] Light, but provides the perfect amount of coverage to last all day
  • [Sensitive Skin] Lab tested calming hypoallergenic cushion that lets your skin breathe
  • Size: 15 g + 15 g(refill)
  • Glass Skin
  • Mid-to-Full Coverage
  • Sun Protection
  • Dermatologist Tested
How to use
Press lightly onto the cushion, and pat evenly onto the skin. It is recommended to change puffs regularly for hygiene purposes.
Key Ingredients
  • Spa Thermal Water
Hydrates and gives a beautiful glow.
  • Royal Jelly Extract
Drives nutrients into the skin.
  • Green Propolis Extract
Concentrated antioxidants that help brighten and tighten the skin.
  • Rainbow Collagen Complex
Boosts the skin's glow and delivers a youthful plump.