S.O.S Spot Powder

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  • [Blemish Care] A treatment care product made of Calamine powder and alcohol to help relieve skin troubles.
  • [Convenience] Simple application with a cotton swab
  • [Use it anywhere] Capped bottle that makes it easy to put in your makeup pouch and use it whenever needed
  • [Zinc Oxide & Calamine] Zinc Oxide to absorb excess sebum while Calamine helps dry it out and diminish blemishes without irritation
  • [Double layered structure] Contains two separate layers - the fluid layer and the pink Calamine powder, which helps effectively and instantly treat blemishes
  • Size: 14 ml / 0.47 fl. oz.

Blemish Care

How to use

Dip the tip of a clean cotton swab into the Calamine powder. Gently apply powder on troubled spots. Note: Do not shake the bottle.
Why is it recommended not to shake the bottle before use?
The pink Calamine powder helps with spot treatment. However, if the bottle is shaken, the pink powder will break up into oil, and the powder will not stick onto the cotton swab.

Key Ingredients
  • Zinc Oxide
    Absorbs excess sebum for oil control.

  • Calamine
    Helps dry out and diminish blemishes without irritation.
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Taehyun K.
My face cleared up after using Vely Vely's S.O.S Spot Powder!!!1

I've been getting a couple of blemishes here and there and was quite stressed out. Then I discovered the spot powder and made an immediate purchase. I applied it in the evening and the next day, I couldn't find the blemishes. I got excited and kept using copious amounts, using a cotton swab. I felt the leftover powder was a waste, so I applied it on various areas, like reddened areas and anywhere else that I felt would get blemishes. All the red spots have now disappeared!! This item is something that I?�d cherish for life. The only negative is that my mom would freak out when she sees me with powder all over my face. LOL LOL.

Hyehwa L.
My second S.O.S Spot Powder

After finishing the first bottle, I got another one ~ S.O.S Spot Powder really helps if you apply some as soon as the blemishes appear. The alcohol runs out first, which is a bit of a pity, so I had to buy another. I hope that this something that can be altered.

Juhee H.
Works miracles on blemishes, love this.

I'm still using this because I feel the calamine powder does miracles in relieving skin blemishes ~~! The only thing is that if you don?�t put the lid back on quickly, the liquid will soon dissolve~~! So other than having to place the lid asap... it's a great product.