Artemisia Line

Artemisia is an ancient Asian aromatic herb praised for its healing and soothing properties on aging and sensitive skin types; stimulates collagen production, diminishes fine lines, relieves redness and recharges your skin.

Madecassoside Repair Line

A revolutionary 3-step skincare system to soothe, recover and protect sensitized skin. Each formula features a proprietary Madeca 4x Complex of pennywort extract, an Asiatic natural botanical effective for nourishing, smoothing and strengthening skin.

O2 Moisture Line

Unveil the glass skin you desire with the incredible hydration of O2. The line is formulated to keep oxygen flowing in your skin, drenching your skin in clean moisture for dewy, glass skin complexion. It builds up O2 moisture for a barrier that locks in a long-lasting glow.

Rice Line

A staple ingredient in Asian culture is also known for its amazing skincare properties: rice. The Rice line features a nutrient-rich rice bran extract to reinforce your skin's barrier and seal in anti-aging moisture. It delivers antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and proteins for youthful, supple skin.