O2 3 Seconds Toner

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  • [Expiry Date] Sept. 2021
  • [O2 Toner] Cleanse your skin while providing immediate moisture - helps remove impurities and possible skin irritation from environment stressors
  • [Jeju Island Oxygen Water] Oxygen water delivered from Jeju Island soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • [Aqua Moisture 24] Special complex- triple moisture layer system (supply, protect and lock moisture) made exclusively to hydrate the skin
  • [Hyaluronic Acid] Helps create a moisture barrier for a radiant and natural glow
  • [All Skin Type] Suitable for sensitive skin - viscous toner texture provides rich hydration, without leaving any sticky residue behind
  • Size: 150 ml / 5.07 fl. oz.
  • Moisturizing
  • Soothing
  • Oil - Water Balance
  • Dermatologist Tested
How to use
Use proper amounts and absorb into the skin by applying gently at the first step of basic skin care routine.
Key Ingredients
UNESCO natural world heritage ‘Oxygen water’ makes pure and bright skin texture as providing moisturizing and soothing.
Forms strong moisture activation energy.
  • Aqua Moisture 24
Forms strong moisture activation energy.
  • Four seasons protein complex
contains nutritional complex for healthy skin throughout all seasons.
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Seul-gi C.

I have a mixed skin type but my cheek areas are especially dry~ I got this at a great price on sale. I used to use a Madecassoside skin toner but since I got this on sale and had used a sample previously ~ I decided to switch to this! The texture feels more moist than the Madecassoside toner for sure?? But Madecassoside toner seems more watery and absorbs better. I like using the O2 3-Seconds toner now because of the humidity, but I think the Madecassoside toner would be more suitable in the summer.

Shocking toner!

This toner is so incredible. I leave this in the bathroom so I can use it right after rinsing my face, and as soon as this hits my face, I feel an amazing amount of moisture covering my face. It's just shocking. A few days ago, I tried using a different brand toner, but this is unarguably much better when it comes to absorbing into the skin. When I use the ampoule, o2 emulsion and the water glow balm, my husband says my face literally emanate shine lol. So now, I only use vely vely for my basic skin routine. But I wish you would alter the bottle that pumps. It kills my hands. The scent is so good too!

Mina C.
O2 3 Seconds Toner does wonders!

I've been using skin products from another brand but decided to get this because of the positive reviews. It's so good that it makes me wonder why I didn't get this sooner. It really does wonders! If I use this before using an Artemisia ampoule, I get no stinginess and feels great. I think my skin lacked moisture before too. This serves as a great base before applying makeup too. So full of moisture but yet, not too watery, so I love it. It doesn't seem to run out too quickly either, which is cool. LOL.